4 Myths About Hair. True or False?

4 Myths About Hair. True or False?

Have you ever heard of the myth that says if you pulling out your gray hair, it can trigger triggers the growth of for another gray hair? So that you  Don't get caught up in the myths about hair anymore, let's scroll down!

Our current hair treatment can be influenced by our mother or grandmother’s habits from years ago, . Including myths that we avoid without even trying to find out whether it’s truethe truth first. Let’s check out the fact about 4 hair myths below!

1 . Trimming your hair ends frequently can make it grow faster

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It’s totally false. We are often recommended to trimming every 6-8 weeks, in fact this is being done not to make our hair grow faster. Trimming regularly helps to prevent hair breakage. The split ends only stop at the end of the hair and it becomes elastic again.

2. Shampooing with cold water makes your hair shinier

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Basically, hair becomes shiny if the outer layer or hair cuticle is well preserved and moisturized. In fact, the thing that can keep the cuticle moisturized is not cold water, but it’s the use of hair vitamins. Hair vitamins can make cuticles healthy and moisturized so that the hair remains protected and looks shiny.

3. Drying hair using towel is better than using hairdyer

In fact, drying hair using a towel is just as dangerous if done incorrectly, sometimes it’s even more damaging to hair strands than using a hairdryer. The right way is to simply press your hair gently without having to aggressively rub it. You can also use hairdryer at a low temperature and adjust the distance from your hair so that the heat will not be focused on only one part of your hair. Most importantly, you can protect your hair from the heat of any hairstyling tools by using HairSolution hair mask before using hairdryer!

We’re sure you have heard this one before and believed it. Reality: total myth. For some people with have oily hair, they may not want to add hair vitamin to their haircare routine. The fact is that the oil-type hair vitamin, like Moroccan oil, is excellent to restore the moisture to the hair all the way to the strand. Hair will not be tangled easily, easy to manage, smooth, and shiny. In addition, hair vitamin can also protect and treat damaged hair caused by the heat of hairstyling tools or UV rays. You can try it by using just one capsule HairSolution hair mask after washing your hair! A tip for oily hair, use HairSolution hair mask from the middle of your hair all the way to the ends and avoid using it on the scalp, Ladies! 

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