Keratin 101: Does My Hair Need It?

Keratin 101: Does My Hair Need It?

What do you think when you heard the word ‘keratin’? Actually, what is keratin and what are the benefits for hair? Let’s discuss it here!

First thing first, what you need to know is that keratin is the main protein which makes up your hair, skin, and nails. Especially for hair, keratin helps to protect inside and outside structure of hair strands as well as keep them healthy, strong, and smooth. 

Although hair can produce keratin naturally by itself, unfortunately keratin can also be reduced or even depleted. When the keratin in your hair is depleted, it will easily break, dry up, and become damaged. Well, what causes the decreased of keratin in your hair and how to restore it?

Keratin loss happens when hair is frequently exposed to the heat from styling tools and to the UV rays of the hot sun. Constant bleaching, exposure to chemicals and/or to sea water is also risking an extreme loss of keratin in hair. Obviously, if you straighten or blow your hair almost everyday and don’t use any heat protectant on your hair, it will become seriously damaged. 

Keratin treatment itself is currently quite popular and can be done in salons or even at home. Keratin treatment in salons is also known as Brazilian Keratin Treatment. The treatment is starts by giving keratin medicine to hair and ends it with the use of flat iron to give the impression of shiny and smooth hair. There are also many pros and cons about this treatment. Some people think that this kind of treatment is temporary, because after 6 months, hair will go back to being dry, frizzy, and damaged. There are also those who say that this treatment is not worth it to try, as it takes as significant amount of time and not wallet-friendly. If you’ve been considering a keratin treatment, it might be worth it to weigh the pros and cons first.


Other than treatment in salon, you can also do keratin treatment at home. Compared to the salon treatment, the at home is way more practical and safer. To prevent dull and dry hair caused by the use of styling tools, you can use one capsule of HairSolution hair mask before using hairstyling tools. Keratin in this hair mask can restore protein needed by your hair all the way through the hair shaft. As a result, your hair can be healthier, easier to manage, and smoother throughout the day. For weekly treatment, use HairSolution hair mask once a week so your hair will not be easily frizzy and tangled. Just 5 minute after washing your hair with shampoo and your hair is ready to be on-point!

Keep your hair healthy with HairSolution hair mask which dramatically makes your hair smooth, shiny, and of course, gorgeous!

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