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HairSolution®️ Hair Mask

HairSolution®️ Hair Mask

12ml / Capsule

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Organic Ingredient

15 types of small molecule amino acids

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  • Tangled Hair

  • Coloured Hair

  • Dry Hair

  • Heat-damaged Hair

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Solve all hair problems!

HairSolution, it is a hair mask that solves comprehensive hair problems, from the dry tips of the hair to the fragile roots, HairSolution hair mask deeply repairs your hair with self-developed ingredients.

No matter how damaged your hair is. 

Redefine "REPAIR".

Suitable for all hair types.

HairSolution hair mask contains 15 types of small molecule amino acids, which are usually used in face products. Plus, these amino acids can repair keratin, known as "keratin treatment", which can repair your hair from inside out and smooth like silk.

5 minutes and go! 

HairSolution hair mask's active ingredient can release nutrients once it is moist. From putting it on to washing it off, takes literally 5 minutes and done.

Time-efficient hair treatment starts now.

Your BEST travel companion.

Pocket-size packages.

HairSolution comes up with pocket-size packages of hair masks that allow you to bring them everywhere you go, just like a mobile Salon! Take one capsule and your hair will shine like silk for the whole trip. 

Safe and Functional.

We care about your hair and body.

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