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Max Clinical KEEP DRY Antiperspirant Wipes

Max Clinical KEEP DRY Antiperspirant Wipes

One wipe stops sweat for up to 7 days.*

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60 Days, Money Back Guarantee

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Organic Ingredient

Organic formula contains aloe, oats, vitamin C, willow herb, and green tea extract to moisturize the skin. Balancing skin metabolism with best ingredients.

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  • Apply in anytime of the day, stay dry and keep confident!

  • Keep your clothes dry 24/7, no armpit stain worries.

  • up to 7-days driness, convenient and effective to prevent sweat.

  • Doctor created.

    Doctor Trusted.

Say Goodbye to Sweat Stain

Dab on a sweat wipe anytime you want, stay dry and confident 24/7


Up to 7-days of dry shirt, it is possible

Just one swipe of our 100% safe, organic, and clinical guaranteed antiperspirant keeps you confident and dry for up to 7-days.*

Keep dry, Keep calm.

Safe, Convenient, Effective

ith organic ingredients and clinical approved formulas, essence oil in the wipe will leave you with a fresh scent.

The FDA-compliant ingredients that give you results you can count on -without procedures, needles, or expensive prescriptions.  

we have everything taken care of


Doctor Approved.

Keep Dry was born in 2006 when Smith Hamilton, a renowned Ph.D., researcher, and professor realized that many of his patiens are enduring the frustration of excessive sweat problem.

Having the patients' best in mind, he developed the Keep Dry anti-sweat wipe. Many of his patients reported back that it does work to treat hyperhidrosis. Bringing Doctor Hamilton's idea of stopping excessive sweating will definitely be the top options!

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